Residential Landscape Services

Bob Jackson Landscapes creates and cares for distinctive residential landscapes.

With our comprehensive services, we see your landscape from a 360° view.

Together, we’ll create outdoor spaces you love.

We listen to your dreams for the outdoor environment and thoughtfully evaluate the natural environment and your home’s architecture. Then we articulate the vision and meld these influences into a unity of function, style, and livability that closely fits you and grows with the property for generations.

Our masterplans encompass all aesthetic and functional facets, including plantings, pool and water features, masonry walls, walkways and patios, carpentry elements, lighting, irrigation, drainage, water management and rain gardens.

Landscape enhancements and larger scale renovations are designed and built to accommodate your changing needs and desires.

Skilled craftsmanship provides the foundation for vibrant longevity.

The master plan establishes the vision for your property. Our installation team brings your dreams to life.

Our designs are installed by Bob Jackson Landscapes’ in-house expert craftsmen, skilled masons, artisans, woodworkers, and horticulturists.

Plant specimens are individually selected and placed to complement your home’s architecture and the site’s natural features.

Each aspect of your project is managed for quality and conformity to all specifications, ensuring long-lasting beauty as your garden matures.

Caretaking that enhances the design intent.

Attentive gardeners and horticulturists nurture your landscape as it grows to fulfill its design intent.

Our maintenance services encompass every outdoor element on your site because each element impacts your enjoyment of the landscape.

Caretaking services include comprehensive lawn and bed care; plant health care and pest management; seasonal flower rotations for beds, planters and hanging baskets; holiday décor; snow removal and de-icing services; and maintenance and repair of irrigation systems, ponds and water features, and paving.

We provide design, construction, and full service maintenance for residential homes in Greater Baltimore and Easton.

To inquire about services for your home, call 410.356.1620 or email us.

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